Systemic University Change Towards Internationalisation

True to its mission of continuous improvement and compliance to the directions of evolution of international higher education, The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUCN) organizes activities to consolidate and develop its international dimension. For this reason, in the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021, a course entitled Systemic University Change Towards Internationalisation (TRANSUI_2020) for the administrative staff with responsibilities in the field of internationalization, was held.–  Within the project International Campus – actions to consolidate the international orientation of The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, (Grant number: CNFIS-FDI-2020-0340).

The course had the following objectives:

  • awareness of the international dimension that the university is building;
  • knowledge of the internationalization strategy of the university;
  • development of intercultural communication skills.

The participants from the nine faculties were part of the administrative staff with responsibilities in the field of internationalization as well as from The International Relations Office and Erasmus + Office.

The course was designed and held online by Sen. Lect. Sonia Munteanu International Relations Advisor and Sen. Lect. Angelica Căpraru from the Department of Modern Languages and Communication. The topic was discussed in a relaxed and dynamic atmosphere, with the contribution of each participant to applied discussions and analysis of practical situations. The diverse perspectives provided by the management representatives and the volunteer students of Buddy Network or the international students, through their testimonies about the academic, social and cultural experience, led to the understanding of the dynamic and pervading nature of internationalization in the university and at all levels.

The internationalization of the university is a process connected to global trends, to the knowledge that networks of specialists share for the benefit of students and the entire academic community. The TRANSUI_2020 course is the result of a collaboration with the Rovira i Virgili University from Tarragona, Spain, where Mrs. Sen. Lect. Sonia Munteanu participated in a training program, train-the-trainer (Systemic University Change Towards Internationalisation – SUTCI Trainers),in the field of internationalization of universities. The acquired expertise and participation in the network allowed her to develop this course adapted to the needs of the university, as all members of the network do in their universities from the most diverse cultural, academic and geographical contexts.

In May, this year, the network SUCTI Trainers celebrates 10 years of existence, in which trainers in the field of internationalization from countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, Mexico, Philippines, have developed and shared valuable expertise. The university actively participates in this group and can benefit from collaboration with partner universities in the effort to strengthen its international dimension at a national and international level.

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