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The International@UTCluj Blog was born out of the desire to present to the academic community and the wide audience the events and actions the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca is involved in, having the purpose of developing and strengthen the international dimension and orientation.

Our future goal is to become a university grounded in the European area of education, research, innovation and digitalisation, through the promotion and support of performance and excellence in all fields of activity. This will ensure substantial progress in terms of quality, performance, attractiveness and international competitiveness.

The actions
which aim at increasing the international dimension are:
  • Supporting and implementing the activities set out in the European University of Technology – EUt+ project, to increase the level of quality, performance, attractiveness and international competitiveness through the full integration in the European universities network;
  • Broadening and strengthening partnership relations with prestigious universities from abroad and active involvement of the university in all international organisms where it has a membership.
  • Promoting the academic offer to the external environment through the attendance to international expositions where universities present their educational offer, online, on social media, through online campaigns, educational conferences, embassies, consulates, recruiting agencies and student organisations;
  • Diversifying the educational offer of the university for international students, through the accreditation of new undergraduate, master and PhD programmes in English, French and German;
  • Implementing stimulation mechanisms for the faculties/departments which will succeed in significantly increasing their number of international students through their educational programmes, awarding grants for the staff who promotes educational projects proposals having a major impact on the international dimension reinforcement of the university;
  • Launching the initiative “TUCN International Summer School” in different domains in the fields of engineering/science/arts, with participants (students and teaching professionals) from universities worldwide, alongside students and professors from TUCN, to increase international visibility and prestige;
  • Supporting the faculties to stimulate the incoming and outgoing Erasmus+ mobilities, to draft projects for the internationalisation of education, to offer support to native students involved in international mobilities, and to stimulate the international mobilities of teaching professionals, researchers and students;
  • Supporting international students, organising regular events for them, reducing school drop-out of international students through tutoring and enhancement of services offered to the incoming students and teaching professionals.

Internațional@UTCluj returns every week with news and new events. Keep an eye on us!

International Students Days

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European Culture and Technology Lab – ECT Lab+

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HELP – Home Electronics Laboratory

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Hi-EduCarbon – a new ERASMUS+ project about carbon footprint caused by a product, building or organisation

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Boosting the scientific excellence and innovation capacity of 3D printing methods in pandemic period

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Co4AIR Erasmus strategic partnership completed

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Working meeting of the European University of Technology EUt+ consortium in Limassol, Cyprus

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ERASMUS+ LOVE.DIST@NCE Intermediate Consortium Meeting

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Systemic University Change Towards Internationalisation

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International Campus – actions to strengthen the international orientation of the university

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Romanian Language Preparatory Yea

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The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

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Virtual welcome Day @ UTCN

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Vietnam Global Educational Fairs

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Buddy Network – a different welcome!

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NAFSA, Washington, United States of America – 26 – 31 May 2019

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European University of Technology Alliance

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International Week Be international at home

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Technical University of Cluj – Napoca – partner in SALEEM project

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