Buddy Network – a different welcome!

Buddy Network is a group of volunteer students involved in the guidance and assistance activities for international TUCN students in order to ensure their social and academic integration into the community in which they will study and live.

Buddy Network aims to expanse the potential of the university to attract international students through actions focused on:

  • integration of foreign students in the academic and social environment;
  • encouraging social exchanges between local and international TUCN students;
  • encouraging working in diverse teams, comprising local and international students, to increase academic performance and language skills.

What does Buddy Network involve?

  • presentation / guidance for the international student in the buildings and locations where TUCN academic and social activities take place;
  • translation of information needed for affiliation with various student, social, sports or cultural organizations;
  • guidance to the appropriate service / office / institution in solving his/hers university-related or personal issues;
  • translation of information necessary in solving bureaucratic issues in relation to the educational establishment;
  • translation of information necessary in solving issues related to social and cultural insertion, with other institutions involved (National Health Insurance House, bank, etc.);
  • participation together with the international student in the activities organized by the educational establishment or The International Relations Office (IRO) dedicated to international students or internationalization.

Who are the incoming students?

  • International students for studies of longer duration – bachelor/ master level;
  • Students enrolled in courses held in Romanian – they speak Romanian after a preparatory year;
  • International students in mobility exchanges (e.g. Erasmus) – shorter mobilities.

Buddy network team

  • The International Relations Office (IRO) and Erasmus + Office
  • Volunteer students
  • Lect. Sonia Munteanu, PhD – volunteers coordinator

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