Virtual welcome Day @ UTCN

Virtual welcome day was organized for international students from TUCN by the Erasmus + Office together with the International Relations Office of TUCN.

The event was held online on Teams platform on 7 October 2020.

The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the members of the two offices as well as the Erasmus+ coordinators from each faculty. A number of 87 participants attended the event, out of which 62 were international students, 3 were students from Buddy Network, along with 22 collaborators from the TUCN.

Prof. Dan Mândru, PhD, Eng., Vice-Rector for International Relations, along with Prof. Vasile Dădârlat, PhD, Eng., Vice President of TUCN Senate and the director of Erasmus + Office, Prof. Cristina Câmpian, PhD, laid stress upon the fact that the whole academic community is supporting the international students to get familiar with the new environment and in solutioning the issues that might occur during the mobility. Ramona Demarcsek, Erasmus coordinator in the North University Center of Baia Mare was also present. Prof. Cristina Câmpian, PhD Eng., gave a brief presentation of Cluj-Napoca and the Technical University for international students to help them get familiar with the environment and the institution in which they will study during this academic year.

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